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WonderWoman is super chill to her fans

it’s about goddamn time I’m seeing how compassionate Wonder Woman is on this goddamn site

She is long overdue for a movie.

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These two popped into my head!  They’re BFF’s!  

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The Queen

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I commissioned Shy Siren over on FA to do an erotic image of Xixa with tentacles.

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Haven’t drawn Xixa in quite some time!  So ya!  Also butt shot for Grimphantom.

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Because, Batman.

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This is my entry for the annual Titmouse ‘5-Second-Day’ entitled “Donkey Joke”.  Narrated by Parker Simons.  Animated using Flash CS3.

I decided to have a little fun with my culture and go for an Armenian joke that probably would be funnier to Armenians told in Armenian.  But since I was showing this to a U.S. audience, I decided to go with the V.O. being an Armenian accent.   
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THE FINAL BATTLE (Oishi High School Battle #20)

Check it out.  The finale of Oishi High School Battle, Season 2.  I did the last half of this episode and I also did her transform sequence, which is a loose parody of Sailor Moon.

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Celine commish for dadwardian

I’m really enjoying what RRabbu did with Celine.  She’s so fierce in this image; fantastic expression!

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