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She’s waiting.

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EDWARD ARTINIAN / Donkey Joke / :50

No Donkeys were harmed in the making of this short.

You can’t escape Edward, he is everywhere….

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My short was featured for a minute on the Titmouse blog “shirtsnshorts”!

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I run a figure drawing workshop at Titmouse.  I had a great opportunity to work with Sarah Hunter (aka Lady Clankington)!  The session was amazing and I’m so glad she carved out 3 hours from her busy schedule to work with us. 

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Aylee being more guarded and sultry.

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Cute Anthro Girl Sitting

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Aylee in a cute pose.

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Xixa Tentacle Love

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People liked the first Xixa I posted a few days ago, I thought I’d create and share another!

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